Pitch in CamargueResidential pitch rentals in Grau du Roi


  • You like the joys of camping,
  • You want to meet new people in a community state of mind where everyone keeps its privacy.
  • You want to receive your children and grandchildren and have your whole comfort and services additionally.
  • This investment is made for you!

**Mobile home water, sewer, and electrical hook-ups will be done by the camping. The cottage owner must insure his mobile home.

Great deal for the current season
  • Buy your new or second-hand mobile home from 8 100€!
  • Your second home, up to 6 people,
  • By the Mediterranean seaside, close to the beach and stores,
  • With every 4-star relaxation and leisure offers for free,
  • During 6 months in a human-sized place that you will seize where you are at home with

The friendliness and all services on site!

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from 4456 €/night

Residential pitch rental

Residential pitch for 12 months
(6 people, 1 car, 1 pet, includes VAT and visitor's tax, water, electricity)
4456 €/night
Installation residential pitch
(entry and departure) must be done by camping staff
780 €/night
Dépôt de garantie for résidentiel pitch
(Recovered at the end of the contract)
800 €/night