The campsite goes green

Your campsite is committed to protecting the environment:

  • We select our waste (glass, paper, plants, etc.)
  • We make sure to limit our energy consumption: we turn off our computer equipment when we leave; we water at night to prevent water loss with heat.
  • We use environmentally friendly fertilizers and cleaning products.
  • We monitor our water meters daily to avoid overconsumption
  • We have taps equipped with foams in mobile homes and sanitary blocks
  • We ride bikes or electric carts around the campsite
  • Sanitary blocks are equipped with timer lighting

You can support this and:

  • Drop off your recycling batteries at reception
  • Sort your household waste. You have special containers for glasses and bulky items.
  • Avoid using hot water when not required.
  • Make sure the valves are closed properly.
  • Do not let the water run unnecessarily.
  • Check that the air conditioning and all lights are off when you leave the mobile home, especially the exterior lighting.
  • Turn off your laptop when you stop using it.
  • The green bike lane is accessible from the campsite, leave your car parked.
  • Organic markets exist at the Grau du Roi, check with the reception
  • Support regional production, our "Le Sud" grocery store sells local products.
  • Disconnect from vacation time, enjoy a book or board games on loan or bartered at the front desk.

Ecological approach (note to our staff):

The purpose of this note is to raise the awareness of all staff on environmental protection and sustainable development, thank you for taking note of it.

  • Think in the winter, turn down the heat for the night or stop it on weekends, turn off the air conditioning in the summer at night.
  • If the air conditioning turns, do the windows and doors close?
  • In the evening, all computers, printers, photocopiers or other devices must be turned off and lights turned off.
  • Please consider saving paper, do you really need to print this page? Use the front of the already printed sheets.
  • Check on the screen that your text is correct to not reprint it twice, check that it passes on a page
  • Do you need to print all messages received?
  • We sort waste, think about it! We recycle batteries at reception.
  • We use recycled bins and benches throughout the campsite.
  • We provide “doggie” disposable plastic bags at several points on the campsite.
  • When cleaning, please do not let the water run unnecessarily, watch out for leaks from the taps, and remember to repair or have them repaired quickly.
  • Car and other cleaning is not allowed on the campsite, please advise customers if you see them.
  • If you notice a water leak in the field or forgotten lighting, report it immediately to Engineering so they can respond quickly.
  • Use the right products for cleaning different rooms and at the right dose, thanks in particular to the cleaning stations installed in the sanitary blocks and cinema room and a power station and metering pumps in the household room.
  • For some BIO products services were purchased.
  • Phytosanitary products are used for a specific and controlled use. It is necessary to respect the protocol of use and to ensure that they are stored properly.
  • The customer can move in the Grau du Roi, inform him about the possibility of renting a bike in the restaurant. Encourage cycling on the green lane in front of the campsite entrance. The Via Rhôna circuit offers extraordinary walks
  • Flamants roses et parc naturel de Camargue, préservons les espaces naturels avec l'écotourisme
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