• Upon registration, the completed contract must come with a deposit representing at least  30% othe total amount due for the stay.
    10/07 to 20/08 : reservation fee 26 € per stay.
  • Reservation is only valid after payment of a deposit and the issuance of a confirmation receipt by the camping.
  • The amount due for your stay should be paid at least 4 weeks before the date of your arrival. Don't forget the deposit will be paid by credit-card for a pre-authorization.

Deposit : (pre-authorization by credit card)

  • Deposit for a pitch : 30 €.
    Your deposit will be retained by the camping if you do not hand in your badge before you leave or if your pitch isn’t clean on your departure.
  • Deposit for the mobile home : 450 € (420 € for the mobile home, 15 € for the barrier badge, 15 € for the clean pitch).

The pre-authorization of the deposit allows to fund the sum of the money of 450 € maximum and to box it only during or after your stay in case of damage proven related in your rental or in the campsite. Before the inventory the cottage must be cleaned (cleaning, crockery, refrigerator, cooking facilities, aso.). A failure to comply will lead to a cleaning charge of 84 € being deducted from the deposit. Any claim will be considered within 24h, from the client’s arrival. After this period, in the event of breakage or deterioration of the mobile home or its accessories by the occupant, the security deposit of 450 € will be cashed systematically and later refunded, after the price of the damage suffered has been deducted. Broadly speaking, in the event of any damages to the campsite, all the deposits will be automatically cashed.


  • Every client must wear a bracelet on the Camping grounds. In case of loss, it will be invoiced 15 €.
  • Each family member must be registered on the contract, the rights of which are non-transferable. This rental is a casual rental.
  • Each family member must be registered on the contract. The contract rights are non-transferable. This rental is a casual rental.
  • Our pitches and mobile homes are designed to accommodate a maximum of 6 people, which includes children and babies; any additional people will be refused.
  • In the event of late arrival or early departure, for whatever reason, no refunds, discounts, or compensation of any kind will be granted.
  • Upon arrival of the client, no money will be refunded in case of unexpected absence of any participant.
  • Arrivals are accepted from 4 pm onwards; in July and August, no arrivals are checked in and no keys are provided before 4 pm.
  • Departures are between 8 am and 10 am
  • Arrivals are accepted until 7 pm. The camping will hold a pitch for 24 hours, after that, if there is no news from the client, the camping will cancel the pitch or accommodation. The absent client is considered to have waived the reservation. Consequently, the reservation will be terminated by right, without further notice and due to the client’s fault. Sums paid to the camping will be retained as compensation.
  • Should a camper want a different pitch or accommodation than the one indicated, his/her request will be satisfied whenever possible.
  • On signing this booking contract, the client expressly indicates approval and understanding of the rules regarding the use of the “LA MAISON CARRÉE” cinema


  • The campsite management declines all responsibility in the event of theft, fire, or bad weather of any kind, whether covered by an insurance policy or not, etc., and in the event of civil responsibility. The swimming pools and children’s play areas are not monitored and safety regulations must be observed. All minors remain under the responsability of their parents present on the camping. Clients are required to take out civil liability insurance and must be able to show proof of such a policy through an up to date, paid up certificate.
  • In the event of a serious breach of the camping's rules and regulations (noise, breakage, etc.), the person responsible will be expelled.
  • Open fires are prohibited.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the cottage.
  • Motorised vehicles are not allowed to drive inside the grounds BETWEEN 1 AM AND 6 AM DURING THESE TIMES NO MOTORISED VEHICLES MAY EITHER ENTER OR LEAVE THROUGH THE CAMPING'S GATES. VEHICLES SHOULD BE PARKED OUTSIDE THE CAMPING. The car park at the entrance is for second cars exclusively and a car parking fee is charged.
  • Tenants must comply with the campsite regulations that are displayed at the entrance and which are available on request.
  • Premises under video surveillance located in a natural risk zone.
  • Van's or small trucks hauling caravans are strickly forbidden for security reasons regarding measurements.


  • Cancellations has be notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at least 4 weeks before the reserved stay. In the event of dispute, the Nîmes tribunals will be solely competent. In all cases, the reservation fee will not be refunded.
    Without cancellation guarantee :
    cancellation Deposit paid balance paid
    More than 30 days before arrival → DEPOSIT RETAINED → 0% RETAINED
    Less than 30 days before arrival → DEPOSIT RETAINED → BALANCE RETAINED
  • In case of litigation the Nîmes tribunal will have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • Right of withdrawal: “In accordance with the provisions L221-28 of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the provision of accommodation services, other than residential accommodation which must be provided on a specified date or period”.


We recommend you take out cancellation guarantee at a cost of 6 € per day. Guarantee is payable in full, at the time of booking only. It is added to the deposit payment and covers everyone registered for the holiday.

  • To be admissible, holiday cancellation should be notified by registered mail no more than 3 days after the event that has caused the cancellation. A full and irrefutable list of reasons covered by the present guarantee is set out below. All cancellation requests should be accompanied by accurate and indisputable documentary evidence.
  • Cancellation guarantee covers repayment of the contractual rental cost if cancellation occurs between the date of booking and 15 days before the date of arrival at the camping for a reason that was unknown or unforeseeable at the time of booking. Beyond 15 days before the date of the arrival, you will be refunded 25% of the total amount of the rented accomodation. Sums not repaid: cancellation guarantee and holiday cancellation expenses totalling 76 €.
  • Events covered by cancellation guarantee (exhaustive list):
    • Death, serious physical injury or serious sudden illness caused to you or to a member of your immediate family.
    • Redundancy: you or your spouse. House moving as a result of a job transfer.
    • Damage to your main residence caused by fire, flood damage, damage to property caused by theft, vandalism, storms or natural disasters.

Cancellation guarantee ceases to have effect from the start of the rental period and may only intervene if one of the events listed above occurs during the holiday. In the event of cancellation of the booking by the camping, the deposit will be repaid to the client in full, except in the event of causes beyond their control. In the case of government actions that would force the customer to cancel his stay even though the campsite can honor him, a not refundable credit will be made to the customer and will be available for 12 months.